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  • 08/20/10--11:57: Hip Hop Pokemon Cards
  • What would it be like if hip-hop stars were in the Pokemon Universe?

    Probably something like this.

    (Created by Anthony exclusively for the Smosh Pit)  












    More Pokemon Cards Here!

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    There are a LOT of business cards in the world, but they almost seem most useful for winning free lunches. These cards, however, are worth keeping.

    Have you ever got a business card this cool? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!





















    What do you think about that?


    Check Out The Best Business Names Ever!

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  • 11/26/10--11:17: Nintendo Pokemon Cards
  • Sure, Nintendo already MAKES Pokemon. Don't worry about the details! Just sit back and enjoy these pokemon cards created by Anthony!

    Let us know your favorites down below!




    Duckhunt Dog








    Princess Peach


    Captain Falcon





    Which one is your favorite?


    Check Out Twilight Pokemon Cards!

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    I don't know if people still do it anymore but when I was a kid people would send out these holiday cards with a letter inside...

    The letter would fill everyone in on what was going on with the family for the past year... Johnny's in rehab again, grandpa needs another surgery, Jenny's pregnant, Carmen lost 10 lbs on Weight Watchers... Sound familiar?

    Yeah, sounds like a bunch of status updates. We all know exactly what's going on with everyone we know now so those yearly "brag" letters are just not necessary anymore.

    People just don't think that sending out Christmas Cards is important... we can reach everyone we know via Facebook, so why bother wasting trees, and paper and time, going to the post office to buy stamps and mail letters.

    But honestly... what do we care? In this kind of economy it's all about saving. Saving time, saving trees, and saving money. Facebook helps you do all three!

    So who cares about Holiday greetings? I mean, we get the same feeling from a warm and fuzzy status update, plust people respond to us... right then! Within minutes we can see people reacting to our holiday greeting.

    I feel like Facebook greetings are fine for people we probably wouldn't bother to send a card to, but if someone is close to you it's always best to waste the tree.

    How do you feel about Christmas cards? Are you sending them out this year? Do you feel like Status Updates get the Holiday point across?


    Check Out 10 Facebook Groups It's A Bummer To Leave!

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    In yesterday's Ian Is Bored, we opened up a lot of awesome letters from you guys, but the most awesome was probably the custom Smosh Pokemon cards. Since some of you wanted to see them, AND they were super cool, we thought we'd share.

    In all the hubbub, we accidentally threw away the envelope that they came in, but Smosh fan Alina_Renee claimed credit on Twitter. She has cool hair, so probably legit. Check them out!










    Click here to watch us open the letter on Ian Is Bored!

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  • 04/15/11--15:00: Rejected Greeting Cards
  • Some greeting cards are simply better left unsent!





















    Which one would you send?

    Check Out Rejected Children's Books!

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  • 05/06/11--15:00: Rejected Mother's Day Cards
  • Happy Mother's Day Mom... OR NOT!
















    Click here for the WORST MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS EVER!

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  • 06/16/11--13:30: Rejected Father's Day Cards
  • This Father's Day show your dad you care by not sending him any one of these.





















    What do you wanna get your dad for father's day? Let us know in the comments!


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  • 10/06/11--13:36: 20 Layoff Condolence Cards
  • Hallmark recently announced it would start making condolence cards for people who just loss their jobs. It’s just the company’s thoughtful way of making money off the fact that someone else will no longer be making money. And although the cards have yet to hit the shelves, we managed to get our hands on some prototypes...






















    What are some events you'd like to get greeting cards for? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out These Rejected Greeting Cards!

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  • 11/03/11--13:43: 20 Superhero Business Cards
  • Just because they do it for free doesn’t mean superheroes have zero business sense.






















    What would your business card say? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out These Bizarre Superhero Pets!

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    Before you say “Grace” at dinner, say what you really feel with one of these Thanksgiving Day cards.






















    What Thanksgiving card would you send to your family? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out The 20 Worst Holiday Ads!

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  • 11/17/11--15:15: 28 Bizarre Business Cards
  • So the lack of employment in this country is getting ridiculous. I mean come on people who do I have to *#&@ to get serving job around here? I thought maybe if I had some cooler business cards the ca$h would start rolling in. Except I can’t seem to think of anything clever. So I googled. And now I give you the 25 bestest business cards.

























































    Let me know what awesome cards you find by hitting me up on twitter @danborrelli or leaving a comment below!



    Click here for the best KEEP OUT signs ever!

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    Perhaps these would have started even more family fights around the Monopoly board…






















    What other Chance cards would you like to see in Monopoly? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out SCRUMPTIOUS: McDonald's Monopoly!

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  • 12/12/11--12:55: Nyan Cat Battle IN OUR MAIL
  • 639eb5f199a446f4b1dda7b8876ef233
    This mail comes from space and has a rainbow!

    Nyan cat deleivers rainbows... and ACTION FIGURES?

    Leave your suggestions for Ian Is Bored in the comments!


    Watch Ian is Bored - Axe Murderer IN OUR MAIL!!

    NEW SMOSH ALBUM! If Music Was Real! Now on iTunes!

    Watch More Ian Is Bored Here!

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  • 12/15/11--13:42: 20 Rejected Holiday Cards
  • 20 Rejected Holiday Cards By Francesco Marciuliano

    Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right words to express how you’re feeling during the holidays. Sometimes it’s best just to say nothing at all.






















    What other holiday cards should you not send? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out The Six Worst Christmas Songs!

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    We all know how to say thank you for things or to people that bring us joy. But how do we show gratitude for those other moments in life?






















    What are you most thankful for? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out These Awkward Public Boners!

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    This year share your love and not your fears, desperation or personal agenda with the following cards…






















    What do you guys think when you see two hot women having a knife fight in an alley? Let us know in the comments!


    Check Out 20 Rejected Holiday Cards!

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  • 04/26/12--13:31: 20 Passive-Aggressive Cards
  • When you can’t say it to someone’s face but you need to say it sarcastically, bluntly or angrily, there are always these greeting cards.


    passive aggressive get well soon card


    passive aggressive pink rose condolence card


    passive aggressive birthday balloon stars card


    passive aggressive empty plate chipcrumbs card” card


    passive aggressive thank you pink card


    passive aggressive congrats grad blue card


    passive aggressive happy holidays ornaments card


    passive aggressive green orange rectangles card


    passive aggressive baby feet blue card


    passive aggressive big smile red card


    passive aggressive good luck green card


    passive aggressive lace heart valentine card


    passive aggressive happy belated birthday card


    passive aggressive ham sandwich congrats card


    passive aggressive colorburst attend party card


    passive aggressive sad emoticon pink card


    passive aggressive champagne glasses anniversary card


    passive aggressive miss you starburst card


    passive aggressive tiny old ornaments card


    passive aggressive cupcake awkward threat card


    What cards would you be most angry to recieve? Let us know in the comments!


    Check out the Funniest Angry Windshield Notes!

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    This Mother’s Day show your mom how much you love her by not sending any of these cards.


    mother day card giant purple mom word


    mother day card mom flowers alien green


    mother day card two owls hug


    mother day card greatest mom whole world


    mother day card 14 years blue background


    mother day card caterpillar pink prison


    mother day card brown background dad june


    mother day card dear mom pink booze


    mother day card flower heart zoloft


    mother day card handmade red pink cash


    mother day card paper fabric heart


    mother day card green pink flowers body


    mother day card pink border reminded


    mother day card typed hooters application


    mother day card dutch heart my mother


    mother day card mom hug child


    mother day card green yellow next year


    mother day card hand drawn heart


    mother day card pink box brown background


    What would you get your Mom for Mother's Day if she was half human half horse? Let us know in the comments!


    Click here for 8 ways to ruin mother's day!

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    This Father’s Day show your dad you truly care by not giving him any of these cards.


    fathers day card googled best dad ever


    fathers day card darth vader head


    fathers day card child tossed in air


    fathers day card worlds rank pending dad


    fathers day card little princess castle


    fathers day card argyle pattern


    fathers day card dad spelled out


    fathers day card white brown


    fathers day card father sun beach sunset


    fathers day card dad with tiny hearts


    fathers day card dad alphabet blocks


    fathers day card bulk purchase


    fathers day card dad orange background hallmark


    fathers day card stick figure


    fathers day card father child holding hands


    fathers day card nailed mom


    fathers day card fatherhood small laundry pin


    fathers day card father day tie


    fathers day card golf ball


    fathers day card superman logo


    Why do genitals make you cry so much? Let us know in the comments!


    Click here for 20 Rejected 'Game Over' Screens!

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